Dietary Therapy for Epilepy Training DVD

Since December 2009, Healing Young Hearts volunteers in China have taken on epilepsy education as part of the greater Healing Young Hearts project. As part of our ongoing service to the public in 2012, we will produce and distribute to Chinese neurologists a free instructional DVD for patients and families who will be using the Modified Atkins Diet for seizures. This project is a cooperative effort between Healing Young Hearts volunteers and Dr. Eric Kossoff of Johns Hopkins Hospital, the China Association Against Epilepsy, and participating Chinese neurologists.

There are an estimated nine million people with epilepsy in China. Ketogenic dietary therapy for epilepsy offers hope to the 3 million patients who have difficult to control seizures. When two anti-seizure medications fail, this is usually when dietary therapy is recommended. While the Modified Atkins diet offers a viable treatment option, few hospitals offer diet therapy due to difficulties that arise in training and preparing patients. Hospitals lack dietitians trained in ketogenic therapy and the infrastructure necessary to instruct patients and families who start the diet. An instructional DVD that neurologists can freely duplicate and give to families of patients who wish to begin MAD is a cost-effective solution that will allow neurologists to supervise the patients on the diet, without having to contend with the difficulties of patient training.

Healing Young Hearts is producing a MAD training DVD that neurologists in China can use as a training tool to be given to patients. DVDs will be distributed to major hospitals free of charge. Each hospital can then freely duplicate the DVD as needed.

The DVD project will be introduced and promoted in collaboration with the China Association Against Epilepsy’s president and founder, Dr. Li Shichuo. Local Neurologists Dr. Liao Jian Xiang of the Shenzhen Children’s Hospital and Dr. Deng Yuhong of the Guangzhou Medical College Hospital will be on the panel of advisors and be filmed for the project.

Content: The DVD will cover a basic description of the diet and its stages, what to avoid, how to count carbohydrate grams, practical advice on shopping and cooking, demonstrations of certain recipes, a printable collection of Chinese recipes, printable charts for recording seizures records and meals, and suggested menus, as well as filmed interviews with several parents using the diet for their children.

Project Completion Date: Our launch date for the DVD is July 15th, 2012.

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