Leukemia Volunteer Support Training

Leukemia Support Training – December 2011 Student volunteers from Zhejiang University received training from Healing Young Hearts to help children hospitalized with leukemia. December 2011 Huijia Kong(孔 慧佳), a resourceful member of a wonderful group of university students, contacted Healing Young Hearts seeking help and advice to start a volunteer program in Hangzhou to work with children with leukemia. Healing Young Hearts agreed to develop a training session for these students to teach them basic counseling skills, the principles of helping children develop resilience and how to use game therapy to help children overcome fear. We conducted this free training session via webcam 10 volunteers, including Huijia Kong(孔 慧佳), and Yushen Du(杜雨棽), from school of medicine of Zhejiang University; and members of Beta Society of Zhejiang university(beta社)(a students’ organization from school of economics and management). Following their training, these student volunteers sent us these inspiring photos of their work with children with leukemia. They are a wonderful example of what caring and motivated volunteers can do to reach out to children in their local community. Healing Young Hearts will continue to develop training seminars in a pilot project for volunteers working with chronically ill children and their families.

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