Recommended Reading: “Raising A Kid with Epilepsy” articles by Dr. Robert Mittan

Founder of the US Seizure and Epilepsy Education Program:

According to Dr. Mittan:

“Epilepsy has one of the worst social outcomes for child development of the common disabilities. It shouldn’t be that way, though. For most children, epilepsy is not nearly the physical challenge that many other chronic health disorders are. The problem in raising a child with epilepsy is much more emotional and social. Any parent can handle those matters. In many cases they can be handled with surprising ease – if you know what you are trying to deal with.

“The main struggle will be in getting your own thoughts and feelings right. The fact that they need adjusting is not your fault – our culture bears most of the blame. The change is easier than you think, but the problems we’ll conquer sound tough to begin with. The articles will cover the three fundamental challenges of epilepsy for parents: fear, stigma, and guilt. This Parents’ Manual assumes you are already taking control over the medical aspects of epilepsy by reading my earlier series of three articles, “Beating Bad Seizures.” Together, the three medical articles and these three parenting articles will give you an easy to follow blueprint for success. You’ll discover raising a child with epilepsy is not like wrestling a bear; it’s more like raising a house cat.” *

You can download free pdf copies of Dr. Mittan’s articles on the subject of “Raising a Kid with Epilepsy” at the Seizure and Epilepsy Education Library.

• Part 1 “Coping with Fear”
• Part 2 “Coping with Stigma”
• Part 3 “Coping with Guilt”

Also available are articles from the Beating Bad Seizures series:

• Part 1: “Diagnostic Aspects”
• Part 2: “Treatment Approaches”
• Part 3: “Putting It All Together”


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