Information: Doctors using Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures

In our comments section we welcome parents of children and adult patients being treated with the Modified Atkins Diet to post the name, city and hospital affiliation of doctors that you recommend to others, and any comments you’d like to make that you feel would be helpful to others. This information is being made available to help those interested in starting diet therapy to find physicians familiar with the diet in their area. Our website cannot verify these recommendations, so please do proper research to make sure you are connecting with a competent physician. We wish you the best!

Example of Comment:

USA, Baltimore Maryland, Dr. Eric Kossoff, Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Comments: Dr. Kossoff has been treating my son Jordan for the last 20 months. He developed the MAD diet, is very helpful and willing to answer questions.
Jeanne Riether

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  1. Michelle Tyler says:

    USA, Hartford, Connecticut, Dr. Richard Young
    Hartford Children’s Medical Center

    Comments: Dr. Young has a dietian on staff who administers the Modified Atkins Diet, he name is Beth Chatfield, and she is great. Very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive.

    Michelle Tyler

  2. Annette says:

    UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, Dr. Jason Lerner
    Los Angeles, CA.

    Dr. Lerner works with a team including RN and a dietitian specializing in Keto and MAD. They are all very supportive and easy to reach via email whenever we have a question. All of them have been so kind to my son.

  3. manuelita says:

    I’m so amazed by the quality of your blog.

  4. admin says:

    Doctors Using the Modified Atkins Diet in New York (information gleaned from the Yahoo Atkins-for-seizures group files)

    Dr. Josianne LaJoie, Pediatric Epileptologist, 212-263-8378
    (Dr. LaJoie’s office is in NYC. She is fantastic and totally supports
    the Modified Atkins Diet.)

    Jennifer Medina, Nutritionist, 212-759-6999
    (Jennifer works in Joy Bauer’s office. She specializes in the Mod Atkins Diet and she was the one that worked with Orrin Davinski, MD to develop the diet for her practice. Her office is also in NYC.)

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