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Healing Young Hearts in 2012

The work that we began in Sichuan has now reached children around the world, in 18 countries where volunteers use our free resources. We have received enthusiastic responses from many individuals as well as UNICEF, Communities Healing Through the Arts, and the International Red Cross who all have used Healing Young Hearts materials.

Besides our work helping children in disaster, we also work with children who face challenging medical conditions. Here is a preview of what 2012 holds and how Cathay Future will play a part in helping these children who desperately need answers.

Dietary Therapy for Epilepsy Training DVD in cooperation with Johns Hopkins Hospital is our focus from March until July 2012. Healing Young Hearts Volunteers are currently directing the development, filming and production of a training DVD in cooperation with Johns Hopkins Hospital, the China Association Against Epilepsy and neurologists from Shenzhen and Guangzhou, to produce and distribute an instructional DVD for Chinese neurologists and patients to use.

Healing Young Hearts Epilepsy Awareness 2011

We are pleased to announce that the Healing Young Hearts Project is expanding beyond the scope of disaster assistance, and our 2011 focus will include epilepsy awareness. Our expanded services will offer free resources to meet the needs of more than 50 million epilepsy patients worldwide. We aim to provide educational resources about epilepsy aimed at reducing stigma and familiarizing patients with treatment options.

Our site is set to launch in mid March. You are welcome to visit us to find free resources designed to help your children develop resilience and the courage they need to pursue their dreams.

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