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Book 1 – Healing Through Communication
Book 2 – Healing Through Music
Book 3 – Healing Through Play
Book 4 – Healing for Teachers and Volunteers
抚愈童心-Chinese Version

Conditions for use of “Healing Young Hearts: A Handbook of Practical Material for Disaster Recovery”:

We encourage you to freely download, copy and distribute this book, and use it to assist as many children as possible. The authors of Healing Young Hearts: A Handbook of Practical Material for Disaster Recovery grant permission for the book to be downloaded free of charge, so that it may be duplicated and distributed for non-profit purposes, to help children worldwide find the healing and comfort they need. However, the book and its contents may not be sold for profit and all content is subject to international copyright law. Anyone endeavoring to print and distribute the book or parts of it may do so, and may collect fees to cover printing and distribution costs, but no part of the book may be sold for profit. We allow this so that charitable organizations can raise money to sponsor the printing and distribution of this material, but the money must be used for the printing and distribution of the book, and not for other fundraising purposes. When reproduced, the title must remain unchanged and must be credited to the Healing Young Hearts authors on the covers and title page, along with the Healing Young Hearts web address. If you have any questions regarding these conditions please contact us. Our intention is to make it as easy as possible for you to help children worldwide receive the help they need. We hope our material will be freely published and used so that children can find happiness and hope shining through the darkness of trauma.
This material is licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

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