Are You Ready For Life’s Journey?

Keep an Eye on Your Most Important Valuables…

By Stephanie Riether

Have you thought about how much life resembles traveling at times?

Though travel can be both thrilling and nerve wracking, I personally love the adventure of experiencing new and exotic destinations. There is just something electrifying about sitting on a jet that is about to take off. The roar of the engine somehow thrills me just as much now as it did when I was a child.

I’ve traveled a lot over the last two years on trips to Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines and my favorite souvenirs have been the memories of my escapades. Yet, as much as I love globe-trotting and exploring, all the preparation, planning, and packing that go into getting ready for a trip, added to the stress of dealing with airports, border crossings, customs and luggage, can all be pretty draining at times. And though I experienced some unforgettable moments, had loads of fun and made new friends each time, I also got myself into more than my share of trouble along the way.

Somehow on my travels I managed to encounter everything from delayed flights, rough seas and traffic jams, to rude people, food poisoning, and pickpockets.  I got hopelessly lost on more than one occasion and learned many lessons the hard way. However, each time I managed to make it home safely with a good story to tell afterwards, and hopefully a little bit wiser from the experience.

One important gem of practical wisdom that I picked up, however, prevented me from getting into even worse scrapes than the ones I routinely found myself in.

Whenever I managed to find myself in a difficult or unfamiliar situation, my priority shifted to ensuring that my passport and money remained safe and secure, tucked into a money belt I discretely wore beneath my clothes.

I figured as long as I kept that safe I wouldn’t have too many problems. On some adventures my hat, bags and other belongings took a scuffing or were even lost, but as long as I had my valuables, I was ok. Keeping them secure always got me safely home.

It’s easy to relate traveling to the many twists and turns we face along the journey of life. We unexpectedly encounter illness, loss of loved ones, and are presented with difficult questions and choices that hit us like a ton of bricks. Life, like traveling, can seem a long journey at times. As when arriving in an unfamiliar town or city, sometimes all we really long for is to make it home again safe and sound, with as little as possible lost along the way.

Yet, amidst the surprises and losses we face, there’s one thing we can’t afford to lose, an essential which you must keep with you, tucked safely and discretely out of harm’s way, where it won’t get lost: your hope.

Hope is one of your most valuable possessions.  Keep it tucked safely close to your heart, where no one can steal it. No matter if everything else gets scuffed up, mishandled or lost along the journey, keep your hope with you at all times. Don’t put it down or misplace it, for hope contains the power to see you to your destination.

It will get you safely home, despite the trouble you find yourself in now.  And boy, will you ever have a story to tell once you get there!

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