The Healing Young Hearts Project

Welcome to Healing Young Hearts, where parents, teachers and volunteers can discover free resources to help children find emotional healing after heartbreak, illness and trauma.

Children need caring adults to help them learn to successfully navigate life’s challenges and develop resilience in the face of disaster, illness, or personal crisis. At Healing Young Hearts, you will find free uplifting, practical resources such as games, activities, inspirational stories and articles, lesson plans, worksheets and more.

Healing Young Hearts resources have been used by parents, schools and organizations worldwide to enlighten children’s hearts during the darkest hours of crisis. We offer a free, downloadable handbook of disaster resource material, as well as articles and links on how to help children deal with the challenges of epilepsy and other illness.

Our Wings to Fly articles offer inspiration to anyone who longs for the courage to soar with the eagles above the daunting obstacles life brings.

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